Alvin Abel

Photographer, Drone-Pilot, Videographer

Hi, and welcome to my website.

I am Alvin Abel, Seychelles Wedding and Event Photographer, based in Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

I believe my profession is about hard work, passion and love. I am grateful for the privilege of being able to pursue this profession that I enjoy immensely. I have been in the photography field for the past 10 years venturing in both commercial and personal projects.

Feel free to browse my portfolio and I look forward to working with you.


“How can my story become inspiring? How to create a positive, constructive story? How to identify possible solution ?  I want to show the world things such as gratitude, solidarity, respect. These things give me drive. Searching for hope that illustrates changes.”


A moment
“The technical side of photography is very important to me. I always try everything my
equipment is able to perform and I always wait for the best capturing moment, of course. Intuition.”

The consistency of one story

The dynamics between stories
“I always jumped from project to project. Now I feel it is time for long-term stories. I challenge myself with consistency, I experiment with the pace.”

Personal projects

“It is important for me to find a good balance. Personal projects are an inner journey and an inspiration, the commercial are an exceptional blend of interesting people and dynamics causing the birth of magic.”

Alvin Abel Seychelles wedding photographer